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Manitoba Association of Cardiology Technologists

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About MACT


The official MACT emplem you might find on your personal MACT card along with your CSCT and MACT registration numbers.


Mission Statement 

The mission of the Manitoba Association Of Cardiology Technologists/Canadian Society of Cardiology Technologists is to provide current and ongoing continuing education for members and students, and as a governing body, to guarantee a standard of excellence in the practise of Cardiology Technology within Canada.

Affiliated Provincial Associations


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British Columbia

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New Brunswick

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Newfoundland and Labrador

Cardiology Technologist Association of Newfoundland and Labrador

Nova Scotia

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Saskatchewan Cardiology Technologists Association


January 16, 1963 was the date of a “special meeting” of technicians employed in hospitals, clinics and physician’s offices. The meeting was held in Manitoba with the purpose off creating an organization. The name decided on that date was the “Canadian Cardiology Technicians Association”.

January 30, 1963 was the first official meeting of the CCTA held in Winnipeg in the EKG department conference room. Thirty-four technicians attended this meeting where they named Abe Toews as their first President. Annual dues that year were $10.00. The association’s goal was to obtain Charter. In order to apply for Charter, the association must have held six consecutive meetings. The group decided to meet every two weeks to obtain this requirement.
Application for “Incorporation under the Companies Act” was filed April 17, 1963 and in August 1963, the association announced its approval of “Charter”. The name of the Charter had been changed to “Cardiology Technicians Association”. There were a total of thirty-four Charter Members; thirty who lived in Manitoba, three in Ontario and one in Saskatchewan.

Today the name has been changed to Canadian Society of Cardiology Technologists (CSCT) and we have more than 1400 Registered Cardiology Technologists across Canada. Since 1963 a lot has changed however there has been one constant that has remained. The constant has been our passion for our patients and our love and dedication to our profession.    

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