CEU Guidelines

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CSCT CEU Guidelines

To maintain our accreditation with the Canadian Medical Association, all MACT members are required to 
upgrade their practice with modern methods and understandings of the ever changing field of Cardiac 
Medicine through continuing education.

"Credits" (CEU's) are given for participation in certain events that relate to our scope of practice as health care 
providers. For CSCT eligible CEU please see CSCT page: https://www.csct.ca/membership/csct-ceu-standards-english

As a requirement to retain your Membership in Good Standing you must participate in, and submit, the 
equivalent of at least 30 Continuing Education Credits in a THREE YEAR period. (aka: a triennium)

Only activities which have occured during the triennium are eligible for credit. Extra credits are not held over 
until the following triennium.

You must keep keep track of your own eligible events and submit them to our C.E.U co-ordinator as you 
acquire them using the CEU Submission form found in the members area.

Satisfactory documentation must be submitted for all units. CEU's sent without documentation will not be 
accepted. It is the member's responsibilty to meet this requirement.

Members must submit the following where applicable:

 - A course outline

 - A photocopy of certificate or proof of completion

 - A photocopy of a receipt (conference fee)

 - A photocopy of BCLS/ACLS/First Aid identification card

 - Signature of instructor or manager

 - Other activities may be logged with appropriate documentation

CSCT CEU Non-Compliance Policy

Members who have not completed and submitted their CEU's to their provincial CEU co-ordinator, by the 
deadline, will be fined $100.

Non-compliant members will have to complete and submit all required CEU's.

If they do not, they will have their membership suspended , and will have to write a reinstatement exam, at a 
cost of $300.

The current triennium is from January 1, 2017 to December 31, 2019.

The deadline for all CEU submissions for the current triennium is December 31, 2019.

For CEU guidelines please see CSCT page: https://www.csct.ca/membership/csct-ceu-standards-english